Interested in applying your knowledge in Machine Learning and getting an opportunity to win incredible prizes?

Join Deep Learning Week (DLW) Hackathon, a 48-hour virtual Hackathon organised by MLDA@EEE as a part of Deep Learning Week 2021, to push the boundaries of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence! New to this field? Fret not, there are workshops organised for your throughout the week to equip you with the essential knowledge!

Happening from 15 to 17 October 2021 virtually, DLW Hackathon welcomes ML enthusiasts from all institutions in Singapore, to come together and build interesting ML solutions. Gather a team of 1- 4 members and apply your knowledge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create an innovative solution to solve the given problem to have a chance to win exclusive prizes!


Preliminary round

All submissions are to be done through [Devpost]. Only the submissions before 10.00 am 17 October are accepted, late submissions will not be attended.


You can access the DevPost site for DLW Hackathon 2021 here: 


There is no strict requirement on what you should submit, but it should show us your idea and technical accomplishment. We recommend the submission to have:

  • Full source code of your project (e.g. GitHub repo)

  • Demo (e.g. live web app or video)

  • 3-min pitch deck

Your submission must include all the requirements as stated in the problem statement.


Details on how to submit through Devpost are as follows:

  • Upload a file as part of your submission - e.g., zip, pdf, word, apk, etc

  • To upload multiple files, put them in a zip file and upload the zip file. Limit: 35 MB

  • Multiple submissions are allowed. However, only the last submission will be judged

All teams that make a valid & non-plagiarised submission to Devpost (working solution, does not have to be a complete product but should have some working functionality) will  be eligible for some Hackathon SWAG!


Finale round

15 teams will be shortlisted from the Preliminary round. The order of presentation will be given 1 hour prior to the Finale (3.00 pm on 17th October).


Finalists will be informed via email at 2pm, 17th October. They will be allowed 1 hour to prepare a slide-deck for their solution.


Finalist teams are given 3 minutes each to pitch and demo their project to the judging panel, followed by a 5-minute QnA.


Your pitch is recommended to have:

  • Problem definition

  • Explain your ML/AI solution

  • Impact of your solution


At least one of the team members must be present at the Finale. If your team is not present at the Finale, we will consider that your team has forfeited. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$12,000 in prizes


1st-runner up

2nd-runner up

Industrial Sustainability award by Micron

Micron is fully dedicated to sustainability. We plan to invest $1B in capital in the next 5-7 years to achieve our sustainability goals. With this, we wish to recognize the best hackathon entrants in terms of potential impact on sustainability with Micron’s Choice award.

Most Socially Impactful Hack

All hacks that are able to solve a socially relevant issue will be eligible for this award

Best Beginner Hack

Teams with all members in Polytechnic, JC, or Year1 & 2 of University qualify for this award

Most popular hack

Teams will post their hack on Instagram at 10AM, tagging MLDA@EEE, and the most liked post at 3PM will win this award

Best Hardware Hack

Teams using any hardware for their solution (such as Arduino or other microcontrollers) qualify for this award

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Judges from NTU

Judges from NTU
Nanyang Technological University

Judges from Micron

Judges from Micron

Judging Criteria

  • Technical accomplishment
  • Impact of the solution
  • Creative use of ML/AI
  • Polish of the solution

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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